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Hey Viewers.....
I am Ajmal afzal I live in London my Age is 22 and i am a student  i am from Afghanistan i sing for my self and my relatives know me well but i want other also to know me and lesten  to my songs.

Religion Education ....

It was my luck to be born in a relegious family and I am Muslim by birth and take interest in relegious affairs. I passed my child hood like other children of our society I started my education at the age of Five and still going on. May God succeed me in achieving my ambition, Aamin !

Ideal Character....

People always have an ideal character in their life from which they r too much imperessed and try to make their selves like them . My ideal character is my own father cauz of his hard work and the way he lives his life.I want to be like him thats why he is my ideal.And He gave me so much support in making my career

Special Thanks

Special thanks to my brother zahid afal for making  this website for me more over i will thanks my familly my cousins i.e Jamshed,Obaid ,Hijrat And my big brother for incouraging me towards singing

Ajmal khan